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Current Females

WSS Mighty x WSS Petula 13P

She was the 2016 Reserve National Champion female, ull sisters have been National & Reserve National Champion Females, and a maternal sister was Reserve National Champion Female.

Petula is in our embryo program, and will continue that role
into the forseeable future.

Homozygous Polled Fullblood
Maple Valley Polled Bill 17H x Canadian Gold Zeus 5H

A very fertile, productive cow with a different pedigree than many Polled Fullblood cattle in the Blonde breed. She has WSS Mighty three times in her 4-generation pedigree, and VOB Northern Justin twice - both renowned female makers.

She has produced embryos for export to Germany as well as in our own program.  Her son WSS Celebaration was the 2016 National Champion Bull.

Arsha Lava 103L x West Winds Kansas 214K

Another very fertile, productive cow we purchased from Arsha Blondes. Her offspring continue to impress as well, and we plan to add her to our embryo program in 2016.

Brydowns Priority x WSS Petula 13P

Petula was the 2010 National Reserve Champion Female. Maternal
sisters have been National & Reserve National Champion Females. She is now owned by Bogart Blondes in Ontario, but we have embryos in the tank sired by WSS Mighty so watch for her offspring in the future.
Foundation Females

WSS PETULA 13P    (pictured at six years old)
Petula was a daughter of Miss Helen Bur Jo (full flush sister to Clay, Hector Bur Jo and many others), and a maternal sister to Miss Jewel 16K. She is the dam of WSS Petula 23W the 2016 National Reserve Champion Female, WSS Petula 29W the 2010 National Reserve Champion Female, WSS Ulla 31U the 1987 National Champion Female (sold for $7400), and WSS Xquisite 1X the 1989 National Reserve Champion (sold for $5000). Xquisite was the dam to Hanover Cassandra 12B, who went undefeated in 28 shows in Canada and the USA. Cassandra is the dam to Hanover Special, a bull that needs no introduction in Blonde Circles. Petula herself had a successful show career including the 1983 Reserve Champion honours at Farmfair. Her nine offspring born at Willow Springs averaged $3150, and Petula herself sold in the dispersal for $6000 as a coming ten year old. She produced until the age of sixteen. Longevity was a strong suit of this cow family. 
I couldn't find a picture of this old girl; most likely because she was kind of ugly. She had frozen her ears and tail as a calf, but that didn't stop her from being one of the best producers at Willow Springs.
was a daughter of Miss Helen Bur Jo (full flush sister to Clay, Hector Bur Jo and many others), and a maternal sister to WSS Petula 13P. I have posted her best daughter; WSS Sunshine 4S with a heifer calf at side, WSS Ulrica 22U (1986 Farmfair Grand Champions). Jewel averaged $3650 on six daughters sold, two sons used as herdsires in purebred herds and numerous championships among her offspring. Sunshine averaged $4400 on five calves including one as a herdsire into a purebred herd. As mentioned earlier, there is tremendous longevity in this cow line. Jewel produced to the age of sixteen, and sold in the dispersal for $4600 as a coming fourteen year old. Sunshine produced to seventeen, and several other Jewel daughters produced into their late teens.
GOLD RUSH LOCKET 484M  (pictured at nine years old)
Locket was without a doubt the most prolific herd bull producing cow in the breed during the eighties and early nineties. She had nine sons used in purebred herds during that time, the most famous being WSS Rex 6R and WSS Sultan 3S. Her sons excelled in performance tests. Rex and Sultan were among the top gainers, and both topped their respective bull test sales. Locket could also compete in the show ring, and was the 1984 Red Deer Grand Champion. Grandpa sold her in the 1990 Gold Rush Sale for $10,000 as a ten year old .

TONMARK LENA  (pictured at twelve years old)
Lena was purchased in 1976 at the Carriage House Sale in Calgary, and was in the first group of five Fullblood females Grandpa purchased. She was always Grandpas favourite cow, and produced a quality calf every year (15) until she was 17 years old. She had an excellent udder even as an aged cow, and very good feet. Unfortunately she only produced two daughters in her stay at Willow Springs, one which he somehow got talked into selling and WSS Nancy 6N (sired by Igha). Nancy only produced three daughters, but they averaged $4450 through the sales ring. One daughter, WSS Sally 21S, produced the WSS Wendy 4W cow. She became a dominant show cow in Ontario, and as a 10 year old sold for $11,000. Lena also had five sons working in purebred herds including Lakeview Yokum 14Y (see Herd Sires) who was used in our herd. Lena had sold through the Gold Rush sale in 1988 as a twelve year old for $5000, and grandpa couldn't resist purchasing a son back.

WSS RUBY  (pictured at four years old)
Ruby was purchased at the 1981 National Sale. She was a typical Igha daughter; powerful, deep chested, thick and square rumped. She was instantly Grandpas sweetheart. Although lesser known than our other cows, she was no less great. She was a champion all through her show career, and was sold to a breeder in Texas for $6000 after being named the 1985 Red Deer Grand Champion. Her best known daughter would be WSS Risa 2R who sold for $4500 in the dispersal, and was the first ever purchase for Rheo Machina of MBRHEO Blondes in Ontario. Risa went on to to be a flush cow for Rheo and produced many top show animals including the 1999 National Champion female.

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